Naruto Returns! The Seventh Hokage & The Scarlet Spring

narutogaidenSomebody must have cast a stealth jutsu because it seems like this one slid under almost everyone’s radar.

naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5631791Last week, everyone’s favorite foxy ninja returned in Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring.

It looks like, as hinted at during the epilogue of the recently ended, long running Naruto manga, Kishi has returned to tell us a tale of the newest generation of Konoha ninja. Bolt (Boruto) is a little older than last we saw him, about chunin-exam age, and as expected we get a quick revisit to the other main characters. It seems like this is written solely for existing fans and not really as an intro to the next gen as not much really happens with a *small* exception. naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5631787Sarada (Salad?) mopes around as everyone else has interactions with their fathers (basically, a way for everyone to see all their favorite heroes all grown up). She’s a bit mopey because her father, Sasuke, isn’t exactly father-of-the-year material…he isn’t even around. She gets frustrated and confronts her mother, Sakura, about it and in a weird, misplaced act of agression/frustration, Sakura punches the ground, which breaks their house and accidentally, sort-of, reveals something……….

naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5631807You’ll just have to read it. Chapter 2 will likely be out by this Wednesday/Thursday.

Personally, I like to use MangaPanda, but I’m sure there are PLENTY of sites online to check into it. Enjoy! Dattebayo!!!


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