Shaolin is a story about warlords during early twentieth century China, their relationship with the Shaolin Buddhist temple, and its resident kung-fu monks. The movie’s title, “Shaolin”, is an overly generic name to describe a simple story. I went into this expecting almost a historical account of all things Shaolin. Nope. It’s just a completely fictional story.

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UPDATED: NYCC '12 news: "Age of Wushu" MMORPG

Now, thus far if you’ve followed the site, you’ll not guess me to be the video game guy, but having managed a certain major video game retail outlet for about 7 years, I can assure you, it’s a definite hobby. However, I’ve never really gotten myself hooked on any MMO’s. I’ve tried WoW, Star Wars, City of Heroes, D&D….they were all good, they just weren’t for me. I was contacted by Snail Games to come check out their new entry into the fold at NYCC, Age of Wushu, and I think I finally found my fix.  Continue reading