Wii U Review part 1

After getting my hands on Nintendo’s latest hardware at NYCC I wasn’t planning on buying it, but being the technophile that I am, the new shiny precious was calling.  For those not in the know, the Wii U is basically the Wii 2.  It’s backwards compatible with all of your Wii controllers, and games, but it adds a new touchscreen tablet, and HD graphics.  I’m pretty sure my Wii U will get way more use than my Wii has, which I’ve used on average once a year since launch 6 years ago.

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Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two NYCC preview

At NYCC, Nerd-Base was invited by Disney to see Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two.  Disney provided Warren Spector, the lead game designer, to give us a tour through the game.  Disney has been showing this game off for a while now, but they have leaked out a few new levels (Rainbow Caverns, and Rainbow Falls) to show off, and I got to say I was impressed.

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