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Beautiful Space-Scape in Motion



Amazing space GIF’s HAVE to be shared with everyone in the world. So now share them. It’s your duty.

Young Bazilisk here (Sylvia to the “normies”), one of the contributers at the Nerd-Base has found this awe inspiring series of gifs taken of our sweet home. (we think she took them herself when she stole the cruiser from our moon base the other night).

Obviously, real credit goes to NASA. If you as well find these images as glorious as we do, please take the moment in whatever ways you find possible to support our space program as it is currently in danger of losing a devastating amount of funding come the next fiscal year.

-Capt. Chris




Pendleton Ward, creator of the wonderful CN show, “Adventure Time” answers a question we’ve all been asking. (from Newsrama)

Nrama: Jenny (Klein, who works on the WB’s “Supernatural”) also asks, “Why does Finn’s hat have little ears on the top of it?”

P.Ward: When he was a baby, Finn went out into the woods and skinned a bear.

This is a great interview. I rather love “A.T.” and think you should too! I know, from the look of it, it’s easy to dismiss as just another “kid’s show”, but honestly, it’s very much in the vein of the Muppets. There’s a lot of humor there for the kids, it’s presented in a bright and colorful manner, but here and there, you’ll catch these little snippets and jokes that shoot right over most children’s heads and catch you right in the funny bone. Give it a shot!

-Capt. Chris


The REAL "Real Genius"

Ever seen “Real Genius”? Ya know, that awesome 80’s movie that was arguably the best thing Val Kilmer has ever done and cemented William Atherton in our hearts and minds as one of cinema’s greatest assholes? (hmmm….Jerry Hathaway or Templeton Peck? Who was the bigger douche? That’s an argument for another post)

Anyway, there was a character in “Real Genius” that was, although no where near the lead, ended up as the most memorable.

That character’s name? Lazlo Hollyfeld. (played by Jon Gries of future “Napoleon Dynamite” fame, who it might seem is more prolific now than the movie’s star, Val Kilmer)

Well, Ol’ Lazlo was this manic genius who lived in a sort of “batcave” in the basement of the science genius school that was the setting for the film. I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll just say he’s REALLY smart in a way most people could only wish to be.

The fella in this video is the closest thing to a real world Lazlo Hollyfeld I’ve ever scene, he even kind of looks like him! But who is this wonderful genius? I’ll let you read his own words:

I’m Jaimie… Mantzel. I like to do a lot of things. I’m kinda like…. hmmm… who am I like…. Oh, I’m like a cross between MacGuyver (ya, I like to build stuff), and that guy in fight club (not because I fight, because I’m reclusive, resist the system, and live life my own way). Wait, no no. I’m more like a cross between Stewy from family guy, and… uhhh… well, people say “run, forest, run” to me a lot. That might just be because I run a lot, though. OK, I don’t know who I’m like. I’m a super-human space alien monster with a brain the size of a planet. Now stop pressuring me!!!!

So like… does anyone want to hire me to build a giant robot? huh huh?

Yes sir. Very cool. If I had the money, I would hire you to build TWO giant robots. One for each of us. Then we would battle in them til they were obliterated…

….then, we would build more.

Sneak Peak Greatest Toy in the Universe! (by JMEMantzel)

-Capt. Chris


Of course. We here at the Nerd-Base are long time nerds/geeks, what have you. We were raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy. This post in particular considers the fantasy aspect.

Growing up, if it wasn’t lasers and space ships, it was swords and sorcery, so it was only natural that as I got to be of a drinking age (*ahem*16*ahem*), I’d be looking to drink the libations of my heroes.


That mythical honey wine, steeped in ancient tradition and tales of glory. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever had a mug of mead and not thought of Vikings or Cimmerians. It helps that it’s absolutely delicious.

I also played a lot of D&D, both table top and old video games, so the natural progression of that was going to Renaissance Fairs and eventually joining/hanging out with the good folks in the SCA. Through them I was introduced to a litany of home brews, each delicious, each dangerous, hehe.

Well, having always wanted to brew my own, but never having the time or space for it has been a constant regret, but if you’re interested, one of my favorite sites, Gizmodo, has a great article on home brewing mead that you may want to check out! 

-Capt. Chris