Seriously, I just want to put this out here, every little bit helps.
Next weekend I’ll be walking in support of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) here in NYC. I have a measly goal of $500 that I’ve only so far raised $75 of. So, help a brother out! Better yet, help a brother to help those with Type 1 Diabetes.

Please click here to donate! I hope to hit my goal by Friday, Sept. 28th, 2012! Thanks!

Artwork by Craig Ferrence @

You don’t need to donate a lot. I said it before, but the cliché is true that every little bit helps. To sweeten the deal, everyone who donates over $5 and emails me with their contact info, will get a personal letter or card and a random drawing from me of *almost* whatever you suggest (word of note: I am definitely not an artist, but that might make it better!). For the first 20 folks that donates $25 and over (which would put me at/over my goal!), email me with your contact info and I’ll send you a mystery gift*!! Nothing fancy, I’ll be honest, though I’ll make it neat or silly. But seriously, who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail? Whoever donates the most, make sure to contact me after donating with your contact info, and I’ll put together a special gift box with multiple weird and mysterious items*!!

Thank you all very much,
Christopher Lee Mannix

*Overseas shipping is expensive, so please, only domestic US for gift boxes, but if you ARE overseas, I’ll still send you a letter, a card, a piece of artwork or something, maybe all of those….

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