Movies You May Have Missed: Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

If you ever felt like watching an animated film that blatantly shows off its inspirations, this is the one for you.

Now, a lot of people like to simply brush off this film as a blatant “Star Wars” rip-off. It’s not hard to see how they came to that.

TOTALLY not a lightsaber…

I mean, you have your poor boy who comes across a sword hilt presented to him by a ghostly, bearded apparition that when used produces a sort of energy-blade that makes a nice electro-whoosh sound. He meets up with a smarmy smuggler who has an anxiety-laden, yet pompous droid/ship. Their villain at first wears an ominous mask, but is soon shown to be more than that…. I get it. But you’ve got to believe me when I say, this movie is so much more than that.   Continue reading Movies You May Have Missed: Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

Quick Shot: How to celebrate your B-Day more often using SCIENCE!

Love having birthday parties? Love getting presents? Love being REALLY nerdy about it!? WHO DOESN’T!?!?

The fantastic Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art, and Human Expression in San Francisco, California has a fun little app on their website that shows you your age and when your birthday is on other planets of our solar system.
So now, utilizing this glorious tool, you can have your Martian, Venusian, or Plutonian (nertz to you Neil deGrasse Tyson!! My son may not putting it on his galaxy-mobiles, but by gosh, I’ll always have the 9th planet in my heart!) birthdays!
You can even have a theme party! Since Mercury goes so fast, you can have a couple Mercurian Birthdays per year and have everyone wear silver!

So by all means start planning your next planetary birthday party by clicking here and if you’re in San Francisco (or plan to be) by all means, stop by the Exploratorium! For that matter, take a day and support what ever museums may be in your area!

New Animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (TDKR) was originally written back in 1986, and still to this day remains one of my favorite comics ever made.  It put Frank Miller on the map for me as an amazing story-teller.  Honestly I was never a huge fan of Frank Miller’s art style, but his writing is phenomenal. Continue reading New Animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1


Seriously, I just want to put this out here, every little bit helps.
Next weekend I’ll be walking in support of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) here in NYC. I have a measly goal of $500 that I’ve only so far raised $75 of. So, help a brother out! Better yet, help a brother to help those with Type 1 Diabetes.

Please click here to donate! I hope to hit my goal by Friday, Sept. 28th, 2012! Thanks! Continue reading US Vs. DIABEETUS!!!