Presents: "My Corner of the World" with Brian Stewart

The Nerd-Base team was talking about how to get in on the Fall TV buzz that everyone seems obsessed with lately, and thus welcomes, with warm, loving arms, Brian Stewart!!
Brian will be a very special member of our team. Instead of writing, Brian is producing a series for Nerd-Base titled, “My Corner of the World” where, being an old-school geek, will deal with an old-school problem… How does a guy go about his obsessions and raise a family at the same time?
Check out the trailer:

Check out the first episode premiering here next Thursday, October 4th 2012!!

2 thoughts on “ Presents: "My Corner of the World" with Brian Stewart

  1. now, im not writing this as a contributor of, but as a new father with the same dilemma. where as i once had an entire room, closets and shelves, i have been downsized to 2 shelves, the 2 bottom i may add, and a folding table in the basement.

    i cant wait to see the next installment!!!


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