Riverdale: Who Killed Jason Blossom?

Riverdale Cast

For years, people asked, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” Now on the CW, it’s all about “Who killed Jason Blossom?”

The CW has taken the sweet characters from Archie that we all grew up with and added a bit of noir and darkness to it. This is not the Archie cast you once knew.

Jughead is now the brooding narrator of the story with a bit of a love story brewing. Archie is an aspiring musician and seems quite the ladies man. Veronica is actually less bitchy and spoiled while Josie and Cheryl come off as more of the mean queens of Riverdale. Betty has a bit of a dark episode, almost boiling a fellow student to death. Miss Grundy is now a vivacious, young music teacher in the high school with a sexual appetite of her own.

However, the main focus of the show is who killed Jason Blossom, Cheryl’s twin brother who eerily looks a lot like Archie. The show has not offered much clues. Every parent and student look guilty at this early point of the season.

Can you guess who killed Jason Blossom?

Riverdale_Blossom TwinsSuspect #1: Cheryl Blossom
It is said quite often how much she loves her brother, Jason. Many online communities have even commented how it borders on an incestuous relationship. On the other hand, her love for her brother does seem genuine.

Suspects #2: Jason’s Parents, The Blossoms
The audience now knows Jason was trying to run away with Betty’s sister, Polly, who is now pregnant with his child. Would they really kill their son (I would say by accident) to keep them apart from one another?

Suspect #3: Betty’s Parents, The Coopers
Daddy Cooper did destroy the sheriff’s murder board. Also, the Coopers absolutely hate the Blossoms making Jason and Polly our modern day Romeo and Juliet. Would the Coopers go so far as murdering Jason to keep him away from their daughter though?

Suspect #4: Betty Cooper
We saw Betty had a dark streak in her when she “channeled” Polly (who is nothing like Betty portrayed her to be). Also, it sounds like mental issues run in the family. Could she have accidentally snapped, murdered Jason, and possibly just forgotten it? It’s a definite possibility.

Riverdale Miss Grundy

Suspect #5: Miss Grundy
Sexy music teacher Miss Grundy. She was Jason’s teacher last year and then she became Archie’s. She even had a sexual relationship with Archie, who eerily looks a lot like Jason. Maybe she has a thing for redheads. When she finally leaves Riverdale, she eyes two more young high school boys obviously proving that she’s a pedophile as she wears her Lolita style sunglasses. Maybe Jason refused her or something went wrong during their tryst? Possible and we may not have seen the last of her.

Fun Internet Theory: Someone was actually trying to kill Archie.
I love this theory because Archie and Jason could be siblings. I keep wondering if there is some dark secret that Archie is actually a Blossom or the Blossoms are actually Andrews and there is some secret to why they all look so alike. I doubt it’s just the water supply. Therefore, maybe someone was hoping to harm Archie instead and accidentally killed Jason. But why would someone want to hurt Archie?

All this speculation and whodunit is what keeps Riverdale going. At first, I thought the show was so bad – it was good. Now, it’s just pure fun to watch. Each week, I wait with bated breath for the next episode. This is just a sampling of the suspect list but let’s be honest, everyone is a suspect!

What do you all think of Riverdale? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Riverdale: Who Killed Jason Blossom?

    • Brian, I highly recommend it!
      The first episode I thought was a bit cheesy but the mystery and story just keeps getting better and more convoluted!

      My favorite scene so far still is when they all looked like their vintage comic book versions!

      If you keep watching, keep me posted! Would love to hear what you think!


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