Farewell, Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries have been on for 8 seasons, which is amazing especially since the cast were able to stay looking immortal themselves throughout all that time.

Honestly, however, I was ready to say goodbye to the show. It was wearing out its welcome on my weekly watch list. Many of my friends already stopped watching so I had few people to even talk to about the show. Also, the story was becoming repetitive and the relationships were getting more oddly matched each time.

First off, let’s be honest, Caroline should be with Klaus. Putting her with Stefan felt like an evil step sister forcing Cinderella’s shoe on. Though, Stefan was definitely the better man in my eyes always.

Vampire Diaries 2I thought the triangle should have stayed in tact because that was the whole premise. These two Salvatore brothers would forever be fighting over this doppelgänger. Elena was a drag most of the time and I felt nothing for her – I was glad to watch her leave the show. I much preferred Katherine and looked forward to Katherine’s return. (Yes, same actress, different characters.)

At first, I was not a fan of Enzo with Bonnie but they somehow won me over yet the powers that be decided to make Bonnie single, a little crazy seeing dead boyfriends, and absolutely heartbroken again. Really? Couldn’t Bonnie have had a happier ending? Just give her that for all this little witch has done for Mystic Falls!

The humans Matt and Alaric were there somewhere running around in the background. (PS: Vicky was annoying as ever. As was her mother.)

It was great seeing Lexi (I don’t think I ever forgave Damon for that), Caroline’s Mom, Jo, and Tyler in the end. I loved how the powers that be did tie everything up for us in a nice ribbon. We know that they all found peace on the Other Side together. Caroline got that letter from Klaus and the narration hinted at her possibly shifting over to The Originals made me squeal with pure delight. This seriously needs to happen.

So, as sad as I was seeing a show end and I did tear up throughout that whole finale, I was glad because now I’m getting back an hour a week of my life. Anyways, I prefer The Originals way more.

Agree? Hate me now and want to bash me? Comment below!

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