Ironheart Gets A Live Action Debut

In case you weren’t aware, last May, Marvel comics inroduced a new hero to the Iron Family (hey, if Bruce Wayne can have a Bat Family, why not Zoidberg?), Riri Williams. Riri is a 15 yr old girl with an advanced genius intellect. She just so happens to have a strong interest in becoming an inventor and engineer.
She’s so smart, in fact, that she is awarded an early scholarship to MIT’s prestigious campus where, in her spare time, she secretly designs and builds her own Iron Suit out of materials acquired from the campus. She does get caught, but manages to escape in her suit, where, while acclimating herself to the operations of her new armor, she travels to New Mexico. While there, she assists in the apprehending a pair of escaped convicts, but damages her suit in the process. Upon her return, Tony Stark, the Iron Man himself, hears of her achievements, and contacts her, offering to take her under his wing jetpack, and train her as Ironheart.

Now, the current rumor mill has Ironheart making her big screen debut in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. However, in an unofficial yet excellently portrayed manner, we get to see her a little earlier than 2019.

Every year, as a part celebration of Pi Day (March 14th/3.14), which also happens to be the day they announce the new list of students who’ve been accepted into the academy, a few students and alumni of Massachutesetts Institute of Technology are given the opportunity to create an elaborate video advertising the day. This year, they’ve decided upon a video paying tribute to heroes and the diversity inherent within their ranks. Here’s Not All Heroes Wear Capes – But Some Carry Tubes.


Ayodimide F. – Class of 2018 as Riri Williams
Stu Schmill – Class of 1986 as Himself
Directed by:
Chris Paterson SM – Class of 2018
Selam G. – Class of 2018

Produced by:
Cowboy L. – Class of 2020
Loren S. Class of 2017

So, what do you think?

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