Stand by for excitement!!

Hello friends, Christopher Lee here. I just wanted to drop a quick note on the front page to say thanks for stopping by to the new readers, hello again if I just met you, and please keep coming back to all of you.

David, Rishard and I are all attending New York Comic Con this weekend, so there won’t be a lot of content until Monday-ish when we pool together all we’ve seen and done, get a good look at the insane amount of pictures and video we’ve been taking, and figure out how best to share it all with you!!

We’ve got tons of great cosplay photos, I spoke to a bunch of teams of interesting new products, went to the Square/Enix pad and played the new Tomb Raider and Hitman games, literally rubbed elbows with Jackson Publick of the Venture Bros, and chatted with Seth Green of Robot Chicken….and much, MUCH more…

So! Keep checking back, and have a great weekend!

So, what do you think?

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