Happy Valentine’s Day from Nerd-Base!!

NB Valentine Banner

Okay, yeah, I know, from the majority geek/nerd perspective, “Dude, Valentine’s Day is just a corporate created holiday to boost sales and get people in trouble when they don’t spend money.” But it’s not. There’s a history of romance there and yeah, I won’t lie, I’ve been that guy who supplanted anger in place of loneliness and went on rants about the day…typical of the old-timey nerd days. But not anymore!

In this new day and age, it’s never been a better or easier time for bookworms, basement-dwellers, and neckbeards to find love! The geeks and nerds are celebrated all over the media, whether it be the internet, TV, Film, Magazine, Books, etc. and many a lad and lass who’d previously thought they had to hide their fandom from the world can now be comfortable in easy to find communities of like-minded individuals where they just may locate that most wonderful of connections with another person, and share the insanity and cuddle together whilst pouring over fan-art and slash/fics!

So here’s to you all! Hope you have a good day and get to snuggle up to someone special.

Now, after the cut I’ve made a gallery of a bunch of random Geeky Valentine’s cards/images that I found for you to get a giggle from. I don’t know where they’re all from, as such, I claim no ownership, so feel free to drop me a line if you see something of yours and would like me to add an attribution or take it down. Thanks!

To start off, I’d like to give another nod to our friend, artist John Trumbull. Here’s his latest piece from the “Line is Drawn” series over at http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com. It’s a match made in Superhero Heaven:

C'mon Marvel & DC, let's get the cross-overs back so we can see this romance blossom!

C’mon Marvel & DC, let’s get the cross-overs back so we can see this romance blossom!

Now, enjoy the gallery:


…..d’awww… Has your cold, black heart has melted a bit and taken on a pinkish hue yet? No? Than I leave you with this from the famed geek favorite webcomic, XKCD, possibly one of the most touching single panels you’ll ever read:



Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.


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