Happy Valentine’s Day from Nerd-Base!!

NB Valentine Banner

Okay, yeah, I know, from the majority geek/nerd perspective, “Dude, Valentine’s Day is just a corporate created holiday to boost sales and get people in trouble when they don’t spend money.” But it’s not. There’s a history of romance there and yeah, I won’t lie, I’ve been that guy who supplanted anger in place of loneliness and went on rants about the day…typical of the old-timey nerd days. But not anymore!

In this new day and age, it’s never been a better or easier time for bookworms, basement-dwellers, and neckbeards to find love! The geeks and nerds are celebrated all over the media, whether it be the internet, TV, Film, Magazine, Books, etc. and many a lad and lass who’d previously thought they had to hide their fandom from the world can now be comfortable in easy to find communities of like-minded individuals where they just may locate that most wonderful of connections with another person, and share the insanity and cuddle together whilst pouring over fan-art and slash/fics!

So here’s to you all! Hope you have a good day and get to snuggle up to someone special.

Now, after the cut I’ve made a gallery of a bunch of random Geeky Valentine’s cards/images that I found for you to get a giggle from. I don’t know where they’re all from, as such, I claim no ownership, so feel free to drop me a line if you see something of yours and would like me to add an attribution or take it down. Thanks! Continue reading