NJ’s Wicked Faire: Revenge of the Renaissance Faire – Feb.15-17, 2013


A fun little fantasy number from the Fashion Show at a previous Wicked Faire.

A fun little fantasy number from the Fashion Show at a previous Wicked Faire.

This weekend, Feb. 15-17, 2013 is the latest Wicked Faire expo/convention/partytime.

Held at the DoubleTree hotel in Somerset, it’s one of the biggest events held in New Jersey for those of alternative tastes/lifestyles and general rabble-rousers. If you like the Renaissance Faire scene, there’s something for you. Steampunk? Gear up ol’ Chap. Get those cogs appropriately placed on your lapels and make certain to pack extra goggles. Cyberpunk? Done (and you’ll definitely stand out). Goth? Punk? Rockabilly? Burlesque? Conspiracy theorist? UFO Enthusiast? Australian Post-Apocalyptic Leather-Clad Motor Gang Member?  Brony? Raver? (okay, honestly, there’s really not a lot of ravers there, but let’s be honest, not really a bad thing is it?). The Wicked Faire has something for everyone.

It’s also a great event group to keep an eye on. They do the Steampunk World’s Fair, the Geeky Kink Event, and a new upcoming straight-up Geek con that, hopefully, we of Nerd-Base will have a presence at (if we can get some funds for it, but that’s another thing all together, more to come).

It’s a really fun way to spend the weekend. Bring your camera, bring some consumables, bring your fancy dress…heck, just bring yourself!!

Actually, perhaps I just let their press release speak for them: 

Wicked Renaissance Faire Makes Weird New Jersey Even Weirder

The Garden State is already stomping grounds of The Jersey Devil, as well as the originator of “disco fries”, the drive-in movie theatre, and the 24-hour-diner…not to mention the home of “The Sopranos”. But it’s even weirder than that: It’s the home of the country’s most unorthodoxRenaissance Faire.

You might be familiar with Renaissance Faires–the places where people dress up like knights, kings, jesters, and peasants; speak like characters from “The Hobbit”, and wander about dancing to mandolin music and watching people breathe fire. Well, this weird event is like that, only nowhere near as normal.The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire, as its name implies, runs in the winter, rather than warmer months. This necessitates an indoor venue, and the event is, in fact, also the largest indoor Renaissance Faire in the world. In terms of being “wicked”, the faire, while not an adult event, is ages sixteen and up. This is in sharp contrast to every other Faire in the country, most of which are not only open to all-ages, but cater specifically to families and children.And there’s more – the in addition to the standard Renaissance Faire fare, like live-steel swordfighting, magicians, medieval music, and a cast of motley characters, this show is what the event’s Performance Director, Matt DeBlass, calls an “unbounded faire”. He says, “We start with Renaissance Faire entertainment and programming, and then go mad”. Programming ranges from subcultures like Gothic and Steampunk, to carnival and vaudeville, to film and cinema, to science fiction and fantasy.

The Wicked Faire is now in its eighth year. It’s expanded to a second hotel with more entertainment and experimental interactive programming, including time travel, and a virtual “museum” of oddities and surprises. It takes place in Somerset, New Jersey, at the Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center, and the Hotel Bridgewater-Somerset.

The Wicked Faire can be found at www.WickedFaire.com and www.TimeTravelersResort.com. Its producers, Jeff Mach Events, are also putting on an enormous benefit for the Tesla museum on Long Island; that’s The Geek Creation Show (www.GeekCreationShow.com) – and it will be taking place this August at the Sheraton of Parsippany, New Jersey.

We are the folks of Jeff Mach Events, builders of unique and unusual shows for unique and unusual people. We’re known for many events aside from Wicked. For example, we put on a giant, sprawling exploratorium, a Steampunk event for everyone, The Steampunk World’s Faire. We also do The Geeky Kink Event, and The Geek Creation Showt, among others. The Geek Creation Show is our newest event – it’s a 100% benefit for The Tesla Museum!

Jeff Mach
Jeff Mach Events
Somerset, New Jersey
Phone: 201-724-7687
Email: JeffMach@JeffMachEvents.com
Website: http://wickedfaire.com/
Website: http://timetravelersresort.com/

There is no shortage of dancing to be had at the Wicked Faire. Even when the bands AREN'T playing!!

There is no shortage of dancing to be had at the Wicked Faire. Even when the bands AREN’T playing!!

So there you have it! If you were wondering what to do with your weekend and/or you were feeling left out/wanting after Valentine’s Day, here’s a great event to perk your spirits, have a great time, and make some new friends!


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