Double dose Star Wars post!

star-wars-episode-vii-fan-logo-sliceOkay, I sang that post title in my head and it just stuck.

With all the news and speculation about the new Star Wars sequel trilogy, and the character-centric back story side-projects, I’ve kind of stayed away from throwing in my two cents other than to say that no matter what comes out, more Star Wars is good Star Wars. Whatever they make, I will be at the theater on release day, gladly forking over whatever cash is required.

In the spirit of all the news, however, we’re seeing a fun resurgence of interest in the franchise. This is lending itself to the creative juices of the internet and we get some fun pieces out of it. Two of which I’ll share with you here. 

First off we have this awesome fan-art by artist Lyndon Berresford in anticipation of Episode VII:

Ep VII fan poster

Amazing right?

Perhaps so, but also perhaps not as amazing as this picture. Here, three guesses who this guys is:


No? Nothing? Well get ready to have your mind blown.  wuh

This is the seldom seen and rare glimpse of a hoodless (obviously) Jawa.
Kind of what you imagined them to look like, right?

So, what do you think?

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