Help fund Ashens and The Quest for The Game Child!


AshenLogoStuart Ashen, the prolific British comedian and YouTube personality (who some of you Nerd-Base’rs may know from his dry, witty, irreverent and frequently hysterical reviews of downright terrible electronic games and dollar-store junk, via his POV camera on his old brown sofa) is crowd funding a full-length feature film!

Unlike his low-fi YouTube reviews, this will be a cinematic quality venture featuring a BBC-worthy script and some accomplished greats like Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Harry Potter) and Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf)!

Now, I’ve been a fan and follower of for many many years, and I will say without hesitation that the guy has spent countless hours delivering entertaining reviews of god-awful electronics. With that level of commitment (and masochism) to the entertainment of his viewership in mind I can’t help but think, in this era of weekly free content created with the primary (if not sole) intention of entertaining us with little to no financial backing or returns that this is a perfect opportunity for us to give something back!

Right? Right!

So, if you’re familiar with Stuart Ashen’s various sardonic web series’ featuring reviews of Chinese knock-off LCD games, blind-bag toys, ZX Spectrum software, video-game themed board-games, parodies of 1980s British children’s television programs and more, this is a perfect opportunity to show Stuart your gratitude (with cash) and stand alongside the (presently) 600+ funders who have donated over $30,000 of the $50,000 requested film budget.

AND – if you’re NOT yet indoctrinated into “The Church of the Old Brown Couch”, this is a PERFECT opportunity to check out the man’s work at or his YouTube Channel: (Personally, I’d recommend dipping into the backlog for some of his vintage “Pop-Station” reviews to start.)

At the very least I hope that this is an opportunity to turn you on to one of YouTube’s best performers from across the pond!

The complete details of the movie project and links to donate can be found here:

Note that the project is being funded via a flexible funding plan on IndieGoGo. Unlike a Kickstarter project, all funding will go directly to the project at the completion of the campaign regardless of the goal being met.

So, what do you think?

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