Making friends again with Veronica Mars

1016471_4055355598685_1451917872_nVeronica Mars is a show that I didn’t really start watching until recently over the last few years.  The name kind of turned me off when it came out.  On the surface it looked like a show that I just wouldn’t appreciate because I was far removed from High School.  I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, and boy was I wrong.  This show unfortunately was killed off well before it should have, but at least it had 2 really good seasons and one so-so one (Damn you Piz!).  With the modern miracle of crowdfunding we now have a true follow-up to the show.

For many fans, I’m sure lyrics to the TV show’s theme song are a perfect way to describe how they feel about Veronica Mars.  “A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all”.  The movie itself shares the same narrative theme.   The movie starts out with Veronica in NY, having left Neptune after her first year at Hearst College 9 years ago.  Due to reasons I won’t spoil, she travels back to Neptune to help an old friend she hadn’t spoken to that entire time.

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Help fund Ashens and The Quest for The Game Child!


AshenLogoStuart Ashen, the prolific British comedian and YouTube personality (who some of you Nerd-Base’rs may know from his dry, witty, irreverent and frequently hysterical reviews of downright terrible electronic games and dollar-store junk, via his POV camera on his old brown sofa) is crowd funding a full-length feature film!

Unlike his low-fi YouTube reviews, this will be a cinematic quality venture featuring a BBC-worthy script and some accomplished greats like Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Harry Potter) and Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf)!

Now, I’ve been a fan and follower of for many many years, and I will say without hesitation that the guy has spent countless hours delivering entertaining reviews of god-awful electronics. With that level of commitment (and masochism) to the entertainment of his viewership in mind I can’t help but think, Continue reading

27 Minutes in Heaven with Filmmaker Ross Patterson

You all know the story, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA, was out on a hunting trip with his buddies when a chance encounter with a werewolf left a couple of his friends dead and a chunk bitten out of his leg. What he didn’t know at the time was that werewolf bites give you polio. He was also not aware of the deeper conspiracy involving the Third Reich. Now, the history books may tell it differently, but that’s how Ross Patterson’s film FDR: American Badass begins, and it only gets better from there. In the most hilarious way possible.  Continue reading