Super Reality


Before you dismiss this article upon seeing the word ‘reality’, know that this isn’t your average reality show.

Super Reality is a live-action mockureality that follows around a team of superheroes! Honestly, who doesn’t love superheroes?! The idea is a breath of fresh air from what is normally seen on television. It gives viewers a glimpse into the life of what a superhero is doing when they’re not busy saving the world!

The only unfortunate thing about all of this? It isn’t fully funded, and therefore cannot move forward for us to enjoy just yet. Super Reality needs your help to reach its goal by Friday, May 2nd. The funding is through, and although the minimum pledge is only $1, I urge you to pledge at least $10. You’ll be getting Super Reality much closer to the goal, as well as getting a ‘thank you’ prize out of it! Those generous enough to pledge even more will get more wonderful prizes out of their donation (tshirt, hard copy of the comic, embroidered patch..etc.). It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re into comic books/superheroes.

We reached out to the creator and executive producer of the show, Justin Piccari, to learn more about what this original new show will entail, as well as a little bit about Justin, himself!

Show creator Justin Piccari

Show creator Justin Piccari

So, Tell us about Super Reality!

Super Reality is a mockureality show following a team of superheroes around.  We are shooting it in a reality style. Imagine a combination of Watchmen or Kick-Ass with The Jersey Shore or the Kardashians and you get Super Reality…albeit with a few more brain cells than the latter…

Where did you come up with the idea for the show?

The show is actually a concept derived from a bunch of different things I’ve seen out there and thought I would like to see them all combined and done differently. It started with seeing a cartoon, working on a reality show, and loving comics since I was a little kid. With superhero movies being as popular as they are, it just seemed like the right time to pursue it! As I developed it, it got more and more in depth and just because an amazing and deep product.

Have you filmed any episodes so far?

We have not. We are actually in the midst of our Kickstarter campaign, crowdfunding money to make this show epic and really well done. We have the cast, the crew, the wardrobe and most of the props ready to go, just need to get the funds together to do all of the work! Film production is very expensive. Everything from the actors and crew to food has a price attached and costs a lot more than I would like it to…


Where did you find the actors/participants?

I found the actors and crew quite a few different ways. Heath (who plays Animal) and Amie (who plays Lady Justice) are both friends of mine that I knew would be amazing as these characters. The others I found through casting sessions. We were very lucky to have a cast that, for the most part, has wanted to be a superhero since they were kids, so this is a dream come true. The crew and production staff attached are all connections I’ve made during my time in Hollywood. The Wardrobe designer Michelle Hebert, Animator Carli Ihde, and a few others are connections via Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRECord community, the others are professional contacts I have worked with.

What’s your target audience demographic? 

Our target demographic is 18–45 both male and female. We have quite a range of characters and think that every single viewer will not only be able to find someone they can relate to. These characters are very human despite their special gifts.

Are you, yourself into anything nerdy?

I’m pretty much a nerd across the spectrum. My nerdiness tends to be more that I know a bunch of stuff about a lot of different topics and subjects rather than concentrating on one thing. I think Battlestar Galactica is Justas interesting as a page of John Romita Jr. pencil-work.

Who’s your favorite Super hero?

My favorite superhero…That’s a hard one. I was always a Spider-Man guy, I liked the under-dog-turned-hero. But I’m quite prone to loving the anit-heroes like Batman, Deadpool, and Hellboy. On Super Reality my favorite heroes are BluntForce and the duo of Cerebris and The Beam (Although I could be biased since I play Cerebris…)

What are you plans for the future with Super Reality?

I have quite a few plans. I am in the works to take the concept to production companies and networks and get it made on a much bigger scale. But we are coming hard and heavy with a pilot episode already in the can. The idea is to show the networks that not only can this work, but that it’s an awesome project with and awesome cast and people want to see it. That’s why we need everyone’s help!

Where can those interested help out with backing this project?

Those who are interested in helping us out can find the Kickstarter Campaign here:

We have a really awesome pitch video up. Even if you don’t have the funds to contribute, we would love for you to see the passion our cast and crew have.

You can also follow all the action and updates at We have many exciting updates on the way including perk updates and if you’re in California…we have a fundraising Party in the works!



I am urging those to reach into their geeky hearts and help Justin get this fun show on air, and hopefully shows like this will run your Kardashians and Housewives off air!


So, what do you think?

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