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Amanda’s Spring TV Line Up 2015

springlineupAs we all know, there are a plethora of TV shows continuing as well as airing for the first time this spring. For those of us who had a full fall schedule of new and old TV shows, this whole mid-season break was both awful and amazing. Awful because waiting just a week to see a cliffhanger was hard enough, but amazing because we were actually able to live our lives and DO THINGS (or at least pretend to).

Fall 2014 has had some of the best television shows that I’ve seen in a while. It was a bit too much on occasion because even if I fell one or two nights behind, my DVR was filled up.

In no particular order, here are the list of Spring shows that I’m looking forward to most:

1. The Flash (Returning January 20 at 8:00 PM on The CW)
flash-wait-so-the-storyline-for-cw-s-the-flash-ended-in-episode-1With the big success of Arrow, DC gave the CW another super hero to grace our televisions with this fall, Barry Allen aka The Flash. Grant Gustin plays Allen perfectly, a hero when he needs to be, and a normal, awkward twenty-something the other times; Gustin really gives this character heart. The costume design is modern and fresh, and the chemistry between all of the characters is perfect. Although Arrow helped The Flash kickoff by introducing Barry in an episode, knowing Continue reading Amanda’s Spring TV Line Up 2015

Late To The Party: Sherlock

LTTP (Late To The Party) will be a new feature  series on Nerd-Base.  The general idea is to feature something that we missed as it was happening, but finally got around to watching after having it recommended repeatedly.  In the inguinal article I’m covering BBC’s Sherlock.   Continue reading Late To The Party: Sherlock

The Revolution is being televised

J.J. Abrams (creator of LOST, Alias, and the latest Star Trek reboot) has a new series coming to NBC called Revolution.   Revolution is about a world that lost all electricity 15 years ago for an unknown reason.  Now people are trying to survive after the apocalypse.   Basically, its my worst nightmare put on TV.
Continue reading The Revolution is being televised

Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit!!!!

Written by: Christopher Lee

Twin Peaks Art Exhibit @ Copronason Gallery

Sadly, this exhibit is approximately 2,800 miles away from me. But that doesn’t mean some of you can’t go!

Showcasing work based on/inspired by this legendary (and personal favorite) TV series, the exhibit features some great contributions from David Lynch (the creator of the show), Grace Zabriskie (who played “the eerily psychic mother of the doomed Laura Palmer”, and quite a few others including a personal favorite artist of mine, the awesome Scott C. (check out his site/tumblr here, “Great Showdowns”).

Check out some of the pieces, they’re awesome!

Laura Palmer, “Wrapped in Plastic” (which was the name of the Twin Peaks fanzine back inna day)

The classic, "Wrapped in Plastic" Laura Palmer

A great sort of “Evil Angel” Laura:

Angel Laura

A wonderful rendering by Chris Mars of David Lynch himself as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole:

FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole.

One of my personal favorites, “Late Night at the Double R” featuring Laura with James Hurley on his motorcycle. (Incidentally, James Marshall who played James Hurley on “Twin Peaks” will also have art displayed, I don’t know the particular artist of this piece, it may very well be his, gorgeous either way).

Late Night at the Double R

An awesome stylistic depiction of the “Red Room” and inhabitants of the “Black Lodge” by Josh Agle, aka “Shag”:

Red Room 

*NEED* this as a poster:

I will catch you with my DEATH BAG!

and lastly, for now, for here, Scott C.’s wonderful depiction of a little down time in the Red Room of the Black Lodge with Agent Dale Cooper and The Man from Another Place.

Spring Cleaning in the Black Lodge

So awesome. I hope/wish/pray that this exhibit can/will somehow reach New York City. If you go pick me up a print!!


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