The Doctor Meets Sherlock Holmes

tumblr_static_cyi7y0uvijw4gwogksckgw8okIf you’re a Whovian and a Sherlockian, then you’re like me and a vast majority of the fans – you would kill for a crossover. Some very talented Wholockians made our dreams come true!


‘A recently regenerated and emotionally shattered Doctor on his last regeneration, arrives in London and becomes the unexpected companion to Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor and Sherlock are initially teamed up by Scotland Yard in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But could there be an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?’

It may not exactly be David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch, but why not use your imagination and pretend!? As I sat down to take a listen to the first episode, it gets right into the action. Immediately, I was intrigued and excited about the story…especially when I heard that famous Tardis sound! The opening theme is a fun take on the Doctor Who theme as well, a bit of a rock concert style Who.

Both actors have the mannerisms and voices down pretty well. It’s fun to imagine The Doctor and Sherlock having a bit of banter with each other and solving a case together.

Only halfway through episode one, the story is already very interesting, well written with great dialogue, and even some fun inside jokes for fans!

The second episode isn’t as dark as the first episode, but it is a great deal of fun and just as entertaining! We also get a special surprise (or two) from the past that will hit you right in the feels.

The episodes are short, but brilliant. Honestly, the story could have been Sherlock & The Doctor having dinner together and it would have been great, but the fact that there’s an exciting supernatural mystery is amazing! Altogether, it’s about the length of a Doctor Who episode (just under an hour) – and the finale will shock you!

Even if you’re not the biggest Sherlock or Doctor Who fan, but you’re into murder mysteries and science fiction, you’ll still enjoy it. Whovians & Sherlockians – I’ll be disappointed if you don’t give it a listen!

Click here to listen to all 5 brilliant episodes! 

We can’t wait to hear more from this talented group!

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11 thoughts on “The Doctor Meets Sherlock Holmes

  1. I have watched Doctor Who since the first episode and think this is very exciting and realistic to listen to . Very good pairing with Sherlock Holmes , cannot wait to hear more


  2. I actually first came across Dar Journey on iTunes, downloaded it and went on with life as one does. It wasn’t until I read the article saying how great it was that I put on the iPod and gave the series a listen. Wow! Dark Journey is not only dark but funny, flirtatious and frightening. I especially liked all the bits with classic Who references – just enough to let you know what you were listening to but not bog things down. Totally recommended for Who and Sherlock fans.


  3. I heard the interview – Dark Journey sounds like it was a very light hearted journey – what a bunch of cards – like my gran always says.


  4. The music is very good – pro rock with a modern edge – gave me goosebumps! (And the last five minutes of Episode 5 – couldn’t sleep straight way after that!)


  5. Just downloaded the last episode and can’t wait to have a listen – all the episodes are here if anyone can’t find it on iTunes –


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