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How to Protect Yourself Online as a Cosplayer


Over the past decade now, cosplay has become one of the largest subsets of the geek/nerd community, both in and out of the convention scene. Faith recently reached out to Nerd-Base to write a guest post on how to protect yourself and safely enjoy the Cosplay Communtiy:

Unfortunately, most cosplayers are no stranger to being harassed when out in public. This is especially true for

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RI Comic Con 2015 – lessons learned from 2014


In 2014, I reported that both the Rhode Island Comic Con organizers and convention center have some growing up to do as they were entirely unprepared for the new cohort of nerds that were quickly expanding (click here for original article).  This past 2015 con demonstrated that they had indeed adapted to that demand.  More articles discussing the events, costumes, and general other fun things will be published soon.  For now, I am focusing on the con’s logistics, improvements, and a few questionable choices for both the attendees and the vendors.

Where the con was before undersized, using just the RI Convention Center, it was now rectified with the expansion to also include the Dunkin Donuts Center.  Lines were better organized into the event; waits were not unreasonable for the volume of people at the peak times.  And of course, no one was turned away this time.

Main entrance lines.

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Rhode Island Comic Con 2014



This year’s Rhode Island Comic Con was a general success.  The Comic Con attendance greatly exceeded the organizer’s expected turnout compared to all prior years.  In fact, the Rhode Island Convention Center exceeded their expected numbers compared to all other events… ever!  (Nerd pride.)  However, the convention was not without problems.  You can read about the over-capacity debacle here:

But for now, let’s focus on the other experiences, which were generally positive.  The con took place on November 1st – 2nd with a Halloween party the night before (on Halloween).  The party was decently attended.  I enjoyed the drink list which had tasty choices such as the Ecto-1, the Ooze, and the Beetlegeuise.  And of course, it was a great place for the cosplay to begin.

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Rhode Island Comic Con 2014 Exceeds Capacity! Fans Stuck Out in the Rain.

Congratulations to The Rhode Island Comic Con organization for blowing way past their turn-out in 2013, on Saturday alone! However, it seems that the Rhode Island Convention Center wasn’t ready for the big leagues.

On November 1st, 2014, a little prior to 3pm, the RI State Fire Marshall shut down the registration area of the Convention Center due to the Center reaching capacity This meant that no one new was allowed to enter the RI Comic Con.

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Ladies of Cosplay – Carrie Wink

cosplaybannerOur Lady of Cosplay this week was recommended by contributor Sarah! Meet Carrie Wink! She’s a beautiful, talented lady who’s been cosplaying for over a decade, has her own online business, and is a convention pro! She is quite the busy gal, and attends a good amount of conventions each year, so, we were thrilled to get an interview with her, and get our hands on some of her amazing pictures!

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Ladies of Cosplay – Nicci Fett


This Lady of Cosplay didn’t even realize that she was a ‘cosplayer’ until people started labeling her as one! Meet Nicci Fett! Nicci is a friend of Nerd-Base founder Christopher, and it was obvious why we wanted to pick her as a Lady of Cosplay. She’s stunningly gorgeous, wickedly talented, and hilarious. Nerd-Base was lucky enough to get not only an interview, but a good amount of amazing photographs of Nicci doing what she does best (among other things, I’m sure). Showcasing her amazing projects that she wears, or, as the rest of us call it – Cosplaying.


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