Wizard World Philly 2014: Cosplay Edition

nb wwp banner CosplayWe didn’t make it to the show for the whole shebang this year, but at least we caught the last day.

Not a lot of Cosplayers were in attendance on Sunday, but there weren’t a lot of attendees period either, which was actually kind of nice. We could walk, talk and breathe without getting tired. It was really nice to be able to stretch out and enjoy a big con for once without the constant bumping and shoving that usually ensues. We met a few awesome people, saw a lot of great art, bought a few good collectables, and managed to snap a few of the cosplayers that were around…which I present to you now: 

Note: As always these pics are copyright Nerd-Base.com. If you are in the pic, you are welcome to email us for an original unwatermarked copy. Let us know if you’d like to share them, just make sure to give us credit/link-back, k? It’s just the right thing to do. Also, under NO circumstance are any of these pictures to be used for commercial, unlicensed publicity/marketing, profit, or anything like that. NO. Okay? No. None of that…..go to your room.

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