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The New GHOSTBUSTERS Trailer Is Here!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (how’s the wifi down there?), you’ve likely heard that there’s a new team of Ghostbusters in town.
The trailer for the new movie dropped yesterday morning.
There’s been a lot of words thrown around about it in the past day. Not many of them very supportive. Some of them down-right meanContinue reading The New GHOSTBUSTERS Trailer Is Here!

NYCC Exclusives

One of the big things every year at comic con are the exclusives.  Some people buy exclusives to complete a collection.  Some buy them because they are cool.  Some buy them to turn a profit.  I’ve done all three at some point or another at a con. Here are some of the really cool things to look out for, and where to find them.  Continue reading NYCC Exclusives