Canceling my PS4 pre-order

Sony-PS4-OfficialRecently I’ve been having serious thoughts about canceling my PS4 pre-order from Amazon.   There are fewer and fewer games at launch that I’m interested in with the recent game delay announcements of Drive Club and Watch Dogs.  I know I will probably get a PS4 at some point but I’m not entirely sure I need one right now.   One of the many things the PS4 still has going for it are the non-retail PSN games.  There are many games that will be downloadable day 1, but a lot of those games are either available on PC or another platform already.  I know I’m definitely keeping my Xbox One pre-order because Microsoft has a few exclusives I know I want to play, and I like the TV integration aspect of the system.  I decided to create a comparison chart using IGN’s launch title wiki to compare the retail games side by side.

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