The Avengers' Maria Hill

Written by: Christopher Lee

The internet famous Marvel Digital Media’s Ryan Penagos or as he’s known to his legion of followers, “Agent M” (who is very vocal about his love of tacos), posted these photos of S.H.E.I.L.D. agent Maria Hill (played by Cobie Smulders) in the upcoming “Avengers” movie. Pretty darned awesome and very true to her comic book counterpart if you ask me. If all the attitude that comes through in these pics translates to the movie, she’ll be rather excellent indeed.

Also, is it just me or is that the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier in that screen graphic on the top pic?! Cool!


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First official photos of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in Marvel’s The Avengers!


The Walking Dead recently had a big spoiler hit from a leak of the Season 2 blu-ray cover. To fans of the comic, it won’t be big news, although if previous story leaks, that have thus far proven to be accurate are to be believed, the actual “incident” will be a bit different from how it panned out originally. If it DOES happen as said, I personally will be a little upset about it since it is a defining moment of the growth of two of the main characters in the series.


So, the first part of what I’ll tell you here is what was on the blu-ray cover. The part that many saw coming and the Walking Dead comic fans have been waiting for, the death of Shane.

“This special limited edition Blu-Ray includes all 13 episodes on 4 discs, including bonus features such as: the making of the barn, an extended zombie gut scene, Shane’s last episode, full Comic Con coverage with panel, comic book vs episode comparison, and more!”

Now, for the story leaks, why I believe them and what upsets me about the evident change.

An unnamed source spoke out before the premier of the second half opener of Season 2. He/She detailed a few scenes that have occurred just as described, the scene with Hershel in the bar, the encounter with the other group and Rick taking them out, the big fight between Rick and Shane in the school yard, and Shane’s ultimate demise.

Evidently, in the series, Shane draws Rick away from the group either planning to kill him, or deciding to during an altercation, that much is grey. Either way, the report states that Rick ultimately kills Shane, who then turns and rises, zombified and comes at Rick. A struggle ensues and suddenly Zombie Shane is shot in the head….by Carl.

In the comics Shane is killed before they leave the encampent and head to Hershel’s farm. Shane asks Rick to go out into the woods on a hunting excursion and when far enough out, essentially loses it and points his gun at Rick with full killing intent. What he didn’t know is that Carl had followed them out, having already been trained with and given his own gun, because he felt that he was big enough to hunt with his father. Carl shoots and kills Shane in defense of his father.

This is important for Carl because it shows that he has it in himself to “do what is necessary”, but as he’s just a child, it also, obviously, affects him in a way that changes his character. He matures. He shows that he understands that he can’t be afraid to do what needs to be done even when the actions could be construed in a morally grey area. This also affects him further in the story and helps him and the group in other instances, which I won’t further spoil.

Just so you don’t think it immediately turns him into “Baby Hard-Ass”, immediately after shooting Shane, Carl is shocked at how much his actions hurt and how hard it is to deal with. We’re then given a very honest father and son moment, defining the relationship of the Grimes men.

This is important for Rick because it hits him with a very large smack of reality in his situation. He, more strongly than ever, understands the role that he needs to undertake, both as a leader and more importantly, as a father. There is a scene later in the series where Rick goes out on his own and digs up Shane’s grave to get a better sense of what they’re up against. Whether a person needs to be bitten or scratched or just dead before they rise again. As Shane begins to crawl out of the grave, he gets the answer he needs and finishes the job, thus also coming to terms with his past and letting go of his uncertainty and grief over what happened with his once friend and partner as well as setting the stage for his growth and becoming a questionably better leader for the group as his conscience now hold less sway over doing not necessarily what’s “right”, but what needs to be done. Which, in the world they now survive in, seems a bit of a more important quality.

So, what do you think? If a fan of the comics, how do you feel if the changes to the story come to pass as reported?

Hobbes and Bacon

I love “Calvin & Hobbes”. I’d think of putting out a challenge for people to find a more truthful and honest representation of childhood, but I know it’d be futile. There isn’t one.

“Hobbes and Bacon” was “created” by Dan and Tom Heyerman during the run of their web comic “Pants Are Overrated”. It takes place 26 years after “Calvin & Hobbes”. Calvin and Susie have married and now have a daughter named “Bacon” (after philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, Bill Watterson, creator of “Calvin & Hobbes” named Calvin after theologian John Calvin and Hobbes after philosopher Thomas Hobbes).

One night, Bacon is having trouble sleeping because she fears that her bunny isn’t up to the task of keeping her safe from “the monster” (Donald Trump, actually). She asks her father if he can help with anything more terrifying than “Mr. Bun”…he just so happens to know a “ferocious guy”.

Hobbes, meet Bacon. Bacon, meet Hobbes. The cycle of friendship starts anew.

They only made four comics, but those four were made so well. The feeling, writing and art is so true to Watterson that you can almost believe he had some part in it. It’s really sweet too. If they ever decide to do what’s needed to run with it, this could be a really successful series and it would give me a reason to buy the Sunday newspaper again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


You can find the original comics Here (Part 1), Here (Part 2), Here (Part 3) and Here (Part 4).

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Benedict Cumberbatch laughs in the face of Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins!


Silly Freemanses

Recently, MTV news caught up with Benedict Cumberbatch and asked him about his work on Peter Jackson’s upcoming film adaptation of “The Hobbit”. Among his adulation of working with Jackson and a brief bit about his role(s) in the movie he told of a funny incident with his friend and “Sherlock” co-star, Martin Freeman.

“It was great. I got to hang out with him, and I kept a straight face for a bit and then I started giggling because I know Martin, I don’t know Bilbo,” said Cumberbatch

Aside from his giggle fits, he did have a bit of admiration for Freeman, saying, “For Martin to be sitting there playing Bilbo is amazing. He’s going to be amazing, he’s going to be fantastic in this film.”

All laughs aside, I’m incredibly excited for this movie. I can’t wait to see how they use him as “Smaug” seeing as he not only did the voice, but mo-capped the performance.

Here’s a the actual “interview” clip:

Benedict Cumberbatch On ‘Hobbit’ Filming… by deareje

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Minecraft 1.2 Trailer!

I love Minecraft. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the time to let myself get sucked into it as I was when I first started playing.

After watching the video here for the updates, man, I’d be lying if I said that the itch to delve back in wasn’t getting too much to bear.

So, updated Zombie AI…yeah, that’s scary. I can do without that, hehe. You can turn ocelots into housecats!!! How about yeah? Does anyone want to lay down bets on how long it is until someone builds a world out of a gigantic cat-tree? Speaking of that, DOUBLE THE BUILD HEIGHT! Wow, that’s just…wow. Have you seen what people have built so far (1/1 scale Enterprise NCC-1701D)? There’s really some amazing and impressive build-ups out there! Okay, what else? Oh yeah, that zombie problem is a little less frightening because THERE ARE IRON GOLEMS!!!

Okay, I’m going to let go of my excitement for now. Mass Effect 3 comes out in a few days. That’s going to have my free time. But after that….well. Let’s just say that if you were to tune into my webcam at 3 in the morning and see me wearing a bib to catch the catatonic dribble as I stare intently at the screen while utilizing the best of my spacial reasoning skills to build a model of the “Serenity” as my home, don’t be surprised.


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