Comic Book Covers 11/7/2012

Two posts in one week, you guys are lucky indeed!  I’ve got some really good stuff for you this week.  It was another one where I couldn’t narrow it down to just three, so bonus covers for you!

Deadpool #1

Variant Cover by Chris Bachalo

If you’re a person who’s been following these posts for a while you may have noticed that there are quite a few artists that I will refer to as “one of my favorite artists”.   I can’t help it, there are just so many great ones.  Chris Bachalo on the other hand is just plain and simple my favorite artist.  I do believe that this cover speaks for itself.  Deadpool!  Zombie Lincoln! Zombie Nixon! Zombie Roosevelts!  It’s just dripping with awesome.

Deadpool #1

Variant Cover by Skottie Young

Another Deadpool cover, and it’s Skottie Young!  I do hope this new Deadpool series is enjoyable.  A short while ago Deadpool was super popular and Marvel completely flooded market with him.  I think there were 4 or so Deadpool books every month.  The quality started to wane on them.  I took a hiatus on Deadpool, but I’m back now and looking forward to it.

Avengers Academy #39

Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

About three years ago Marvel relaunched their Avengers titles during “Avengers Month”.  The titles launched were Avengers and New Avengers both written by Brian Michael Bendis, Secret Avengers written by Ed Brubaker, and Avengers Academy written by Christos Gage.  If at that time you had told me that my favorite of those titles would be Avengers Academy, I would have thought you insane.  Here we are at the finale 39 issues later, and I’m really disappointed to see it go.  The characters were fleshed out and fun, the stories were meaningful and really developed the characters.  I hope the upcoming Avengers Arena which is kind of a continuation lives up to its predecessor.

Iron Man #1

Variant Cover by Skottie Young

Can Gillen live up to Fraction’s Iron Man?  I sure do hope so.  Kieron Gillen came out of nowhere to become one of the writers I most enjoy.  Journey Into Mystery was superb, so let’s hope he can strike gold again.

Avenging Spider-Man #14

Cover by Gabriele Dell’otto

This cover has Devil Dinosaur in it, and that’s why it’s here. Avenging Spider-Man is a fun book.  It’s essentially Spidey teaming up with other heroes and going on adventures.  It isn’t as deep and full of plot as the regular Spider-Man book, so it’s something you can just pick up and enjoy.

Before Watchmen: Moloch

Cover by Eduardo Risso

Moloch was not originally on the roster when the Before Watchmen series was announced.  Being that it’s only two issues I wonder if it was just randomly added later on down the road.  It does have a great team behind it however, JMS and Eduardo Risso.  Risso is probably best known for his work with Brian Azzarello on 100 Bullets.  A fantastic series that should be read.

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