TRAILER – X-Men: Days of Future Past

XM DoFP BannerThis morning, on the heels of last week’s Captain America trailer release, the trailer for Fox’s next voyage into it’s semi-sort-of-alternate-ish  Marvel U has gone up!

I honestly don’t remember much of the Days of Future Past comic arc. Perhaps I should re-read it, or better yet not. Despite them contradicting almost everything they’d done before, and almost completely ignoring any semblance of continuity or honor to the legacy of these characters, I kind of enjoyed the previous X-Men film, First Class. It was different, but it kind of felt more like the X-Men should be, also, it wasn’t just another vehicle for Wolverine (I mean, let’s be honest here, outside of the comics, Wolverine has become to the X-Men what “Whip It” is to Devo. There’s SO MANY BETTER SONGS, but the radios will only play that one). Not to mention, you actually felt some semblance of emotional attachment to the characters. Which in this film franchise, is nice.

Now, like noticing that split-second shot of Falcon in the trailer for Winter Soldier, keep an eye out here for Bishop(!), Warpath, Sunspot(? I can’t think of who else that might be) and Blink(!), who perhaps due to the lighting, looks a bit more like a Rule 63 version of Mr. Sinister.

And while you’re here, why not have a look at this Sentinel….Sentinal

So, what do you think?

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