Now, I’m very aware that Sherlock has not yet aired in the US. I would advise only reading this article if you have seen the new episode (series 3 – episode 1; aired January 1st, 2014) since there will be **SPOILERS**.  Worry not, US Sherlock fans, the new episode will air on PBS on Sunday, January 19th, 2014. 

WOW that opening pulled me in right away. Starting off showing how Sherlock survived the fall. This seems a bit weird, I thought to myself… and kissing Molly!? My jaw dropped. However, that was just a rumor that (a very raggedy) Anderson was speculating as to how Sherlock survived. Poor Molly. Although, we find Molly has moved on from Sherlock (err… sort of – I’ll get to that later) judging by the ring on her finger.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.22.54 AM

Onto John Watson. Aside from the silly, ridiculous ‘stache that John is now wearing, it was easy to see he was still very upset about the passing of his dear friend two years later. Although, we all know Sherlock is very much alive, I welled up every time they panned to John. Those eyes show how much pain he’s still in, very much missing Sherlock. The only thing good in his life is his girlfriend/fiancé Mary – who happens to be Martin Freeman’s real life girlfriend and mother of his children, Amanda Abbington. I absolutely adored Amanda’s portrayal of Mary. She was kind, funny, and most importantly she liked Sherlock! After all, it is very important for the SO to get along with the best friend, am I right? I had known that Freeman’s girlfriend was playing the part, so it made watching their interactions and little banters extra adorable.

Another little surprise that only the ‘Cumberbitches’ would know, is that Sherlock’s parents in the show are actually Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham! They’re so precious.

Sherlock's as well as Cumberbatch's real life parents.

Sherlock’s as well as Cumberbatch’s real life parents.

Anyways, aside from the “how did he do it!?” question, the other question on fan’s minds was, how will John react when he finds out Sherlock is indeed alive? Sherlock finds out where John is going to be (from Mycroft, of course) and decides to disguise himself as a waiter, taking different items from diners at the restaurant (glasses, eye liner to draw on a fake mustache, and of course, a bow tie). He also disguises his voice as well which is pretty hilarious. John doesn’t look up from his menu, and does have something else on his mind – he’s going to propose to Mary that night. When John finally looks up later on in the evening and realizes that it’s Sherlock, he is in utter shock. You could tell he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or not, but his shock quickly changed to anger.

Sherlock disguises himself just before he surprises John that he's alive.

Sherlock disguises himself just before he surprises John that he’s alive.

For a good chunk of time after that encounter, John didn’t want to see Sherlock. I can’t exactly blame him. He hid this huge secret and put him through that depression of losing his best friend for two years. Not to mention other people knew Sherlock was alive that weren’t as close to Sherlock as John. He had been very hurt. So, when Sherlock had surprised Lestrade (who was beyond thrilled to see him alive), he was back at solving cases again, discreetly though, and Sherlock needed a sick kick on these cases. His next best option was Molly. She was there for him when he needed to disappear during the Moriarity days, and if it weren’t for her, he probably would be dead.

It was interesting seeing Molly as the side kick, but it definitely didn’t feel the same. It was obvious Sherlock couldn’t concentrate and wasn’t as quick as his normal self. He had also called Molly ‘John’ once during the investigations. Quite heartbreaking.

Eventually John comes around. Still bitter and angry, mostly because a good amount of people knew that Sherlock wasn’t dead (Molly, Mycroft, his parents, and a few dozen randoms who helped out in his elaborate plan). I can actually see both sides. For one, I would be just as angry if my best friend had faked their death and came back around two years later like everything was fine and dandy, but at the same time, Sherlock needed his death to be believable. Everyone knew it was always ‘Holmes and Watson’, and to have John be that broken up and depressed about it, those who were after Sherlock would know he was dead for sure. He needed to sell his death. So, in a way, I can understand him not telling him. However, as angry as he was, John still missed the adventures he had with Sherlock and decided to tag along on what Sherlock was currently working on.

It turns out there’s a terrorist attack on London, and Sherlock had figured out exactly where it was, finding both himself & John facing a bomb in the tube underground. Being that Sherlock is very manipulative, he wanted John to forgive him. He didn’t want to admit he hated having his best friend angry with him, so he pretended he didn’t know how to disarm the bomb and that that would be their last moments together. For John, he was in the face of death, so he wasn’t thinking clearly. For the audience, it was quite obvious Sherlock was acting and getting John to forgive him. I mean really, there’s still two more episodes left in the season, we’re not worried!

Sherlock's only way of getting John to forgive him.

Sherlock’s only way of getting John to forgive him.

Lastly, the moments I actually laughed out loud during:

The Moriarty/Sherlock kiss. The shippers for these two must have went INSANE. Again, this was of course another rumored story that was going around about how Sherlock survived. I had quite the chuckle.

The very hilarious, unexpected scene in Sherlock

The very hilarious, unexpected scene in Sherlock

Molly’s fiance. We finally meet Molly’s fiance at the end, and he dresses exactly like Sherlock. From the hair down to the shoes. It’s pretty funny. I suppose Molly has a type. Even funnier when he and Sherlock met face to face.

Molly introduces her Sherlock lookalike fiancé

Molly introduces her Sherlock lookalike fiancé

Anderson is a complete nutter. He believed that he drove Sherlock to suicide and became obsessed with Sherlock and even made a little fan club speculating how he had survived. Towards the end of the episode, Anderson is filming Sherlock, an Sherlock tells the “real” story of how he did it. It seems very plausible. Anderson is almost in tears, hugs Sherlock, and when he turns back around, Sherlock has disappeared. Which makes us think, was Anderson hallucinating? Was Sherlock ever even there, and is that the real story?

Anderson begging Sherlock for forgiveness. Or is it all in his head?

Anderson begging Sherlock for forgiveness. Or is it all in his head?

All in all, an amazing episode. Well worth the two year hiatus. Although it would be nice if the UK & the US aired Sherlock on the same date *cough*. I cannot wait for the next two episodes, and will go right back into a Sherlock withdrawal until the 4th series.

Here’s a clip for the next episode, The Sign of Three.

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