A Worried Man Searches For The Human Highway

This started out as a Facebook post. Then it got long. Then it turned into a story that I thought was better shared here. If you enjoy it, awesome. If you don’t, I get it. It’s long, but not as long as my wait for a song.

Here’s one of many tales of being a nerd in the days before the internet. I’ll peg this around 1989 – 1990-ish. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Theme on Accordian!

Matt DallowMany moons ago, I started hanging out with a young lady who would become a staple in b-movies and the horror scene/circuit, Ruby LaRocca. One day, she asked me to come by and introduced me to her roommate and his theremin. I was impressed, not not as much as when he pulled out an accordion and blew my mind with a few covers that I’d have never pictured on what is generally considered to be such a whimsical instrument. Well, that fellow’s name is Matt Dallow. If you frequent the NYC/Brooklyn underground/busking music scene, you very likely may have run into him. Whether it be solo or playing with Amour Obscur, he’s a pretty stand-out fellow and just a few moments ago he posted something that blew my mind again. Something that upon listening makes perfect sense, but at first will have you scratching your head.

Here’s the theme music to HBO’s Game of Thrones played on accordion by Matt Dallow (check below the video after the cut for his contact info) Continue reading

Remember that Smiths game for NES?

Written by: Christopher Lee

Neither do I. Okay, it was a fever dream. That’s what I tell everyone at least. 

Or was it? This evidence may convince you otherwise:

Super Morrissey Bros. by lazyitis

Again, another great bit of music inspired by video games and fantastic hair. 

I’m honestly trying to hold back quite a bit from gushing too much being a big fan of both the Smiths and midi tracks. So instead, I’ll just leave this post as is and fall back into my imagination trying as hard as I can to insert a memory of playing a game in my youth on the NES where Mozz rides his bike around collecting bouquets of flowers, lamé shirts, and mousse for bonus points while he makes it to his gigs so he can raise money to pay the doctors at the hospital because his girlfriend’s in a coma, oh, and trying not to hit any rocks while riding because I don’t want to see him cry. (you just know it’d just be a side scroller).


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Say what you will, I still believe the cake is a lie.

Written by: Christopher Lee

Today, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally begun to delve into other themes. Tech and Music (as of this post). However, granted, this particular bit of music is video game related. However, granted, it’s perhaps one of the best examples of fan-made video game inspired music that is actually original vs the over-abundance of covers created out there. 

The title of this song is, “The Device Has Been Modified” by the Victims of Science. Feel free to correct me on this bit (please do! It’ll help dissuade my fears that no-one’s reading my posts!), but from what I gather, this song first appeared as simply created and posted on a “Portal” forum. To me, that’s pretty impressive.

There’s such a wealth of talent out there. I’m still amazed when ever I come across some of the fan art or creations of different properties, more amazed at the music that’s created. You guys (I’m looking at you internet) are awesome!! 

That’s it, no big story here, just a fluff piece to give me an excuse to share an awesome tune based on one of the best games of the last decade.


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