Say what you will, I still believe the cake is a lie.

Written by: Christopher Lee

Today, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally begun to delve into other themes. Tech and Music (as of this post). However, granted, this particular bit of music is video game related. However, granted, it’s perhaps one of the best examples of fan-made video game inspired music that is actually original vs the over-abundance of covers created out there. 

The title of this song is, “The Device Has Been Modified” by the Victims of Science. Feel free to correct me on this bit (please do! It’ll help dissuade my fears that no-one’s reading my posts!), but from what I gather, this song first appeared as simply created and posted on a “Portal” forum. To me, that’s pretty impressive.

There’s such a wealth of talent out there. I’m still amazed when ever I come across some of the fan art or creations of different properties, more amazed at the music that’s created. You guys (I’m looking at you internet) are awesome!! 

That’s it, no big story here, just a fluff piece to give me an excuse to share an awesome tune based on one of the best games of the last decade.


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