Mike's Favorite Comic Book Covers 10/17/2012

Without further ado, my favorite covers from the current week of comics. 

Captain Marvel #5

Cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

It’s nice to see Marvel putting out some books starring female characters.  DC has quite a few of them, but over at Marvel I can only think of Captain Marvel and the recently released Red She-Hulk.  I always liked Carol Danvers, and am really digging her new costume.  This book has a great plot by Kelly Sue Deconnick and some awesome art by Emma Rios, it’s a winner.

Marvel Now! Point One #1

Variant Cover by Skottie Young

Marvel Now! is Marvel’s new initiative that will see a bunch of new books and relaunches of old books with new creative teams.  This Point One issue has a bunch of short introductory stories to whet your appetite for the new books.  But let’s be totally honest, it doesn’t matter what’s inside, because what’s outside is more Skottie Young!

Justice League #13

Variant Cover by Alex Garner

Since the launch of the New 52, Justice League has been one of the flagship titles for DC comics.  I have been enjoying it since the beginning, especially the recent back up story that introduced Shazam to the New 52 universe.  I am eagerly awaiting what the next year brings to the book.

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