NYCC: Scribblenauts Unlimited hands on

When Scribblenauts first launched back in 2009 I was super excited by it.   So much so that I made a small video (Cthulhu Vs The Village People) with fellow Nerd-Base editor Dave Chosid showing off some of the off the wall retarded things you can do in the game.  Scribblenauts was a great idea, but after a few hours the game was boring because it wasn’t really a game.   Developers 5th Cell tried to follow-up with Super Scribblenauts turning it a bit more into a game, but it still fell a bit short for me.  I wasn’t really excited to get my hands on Scribblenauts Unlimited, but I should have been.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a new game getting released on November 18th for the Wii U, 3DS, and PC.  It’s a sandbox type game where you are given a challenge, and you have to type in a word that will create an item to help complete the challenge.  You can also just create things to see how they will interact together for the fun of it.  In that respect it’s similar to its predecessors, but it completely surpasses them by adding an object creator.

The object creator is just what it sounds like.  You get to create something that doesn’t currently exist in the game and add it in.  You start out with a base object and get to customize the heck out of it.  In my hands on preview I started out with a gorilla, I gave it funky colors, wings, a tiny head, and giant hands.  After all of that I was able to customize his behavior.  Did I want a friendly flying gorilla, that would protect people, or did I want a rage monster that was mad at me for giving him a small head?  It looked like I could spend hours just messing with the editor alone.  Once I was done I named my nice flying gorilla that I could call into the game at any time to protect me.

On the Wii U, the tablet is used as a virtual keyboard to type in whatever you are looking to create, and edit.  There are also sliders for size, and drop down menus with different options.  When it releases on the PC you will be able to use a mouse and keyboard to type everything in.  The PC version will connect to steam workshop where you can download other people’s creations.  The Wii U version will also allow you to share your objects with your friends, but at this time we still don’t know how the Wii U is going to function online.  Chances are the PC version will also get more updates and items, and have a longer overall life.

The PC Version is going to sell for $30, the 3DS version will cost $40, and the Wii U version will cost $60.  The price structure here seems a bit broken since the cheapest version will undoubtedly be the best.  If you were like me and tired of Scribblenauts, don’t sleep on this game.  Check it out!

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