PC Base 7 – RAM

Sorry for the delay, but Hurricane Sandy left me without proper internet access for a week.  This week we are taking a look at RAM (Random Access Memory).  RAM is basically the short-term memory function for your PC.  When your PC starts thinking about something, or runs an application, it puts it all in RAM so it can access it faster than it would if it kept all of that information on the hard drive.  The more RAM you have, the more apps your PC can run concurrently.

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10 Years of Red Vs Blue: The greatest machinima series. Of all time.

“Hey….You ever wonder why we’re here?”
Ten years ago that question was muttered on the roof of Blood Gulch Outpost 1(B) as two UNSC soldiers, Simmons and Grif, pondered their existence purpose in their little canyon. Little did they know the answer would prove to shatter their lives….sorta.

For the few, unfortunate of you that don’t know, Red Vs Blue is one of the first, longest running, and most popular web-series in existence Continue reading