DuckTales! Some Re-makes Aren’t So Bad!

Ducktales banner

Here’s a game that many of us played and loved….perhaps more than we realized.

I wasn’t a big fan of the mainstream Disney characters. To this day, if you were to ask me what my favorite classic Disney cartoons are, I’d still say The Black Cauldron, The Sword and the Stoneand Fantasia. Mickey Mouse never did it for me, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, etc. Not really a fan. But there was just something about DuckTales that clicked. It was a fun, well made series. The best thing to come out of it, however, was the video game that came out in 1989 for the NES.

Games based on popular licensed properties have RARELY been good. Sure, there are exceptions like Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicChronicles of Riddick, and the recent Walking Dead titles. But notice…those are all *new* (do I need to mention the LOST game?). Back in the day, the NES days, production companies would license anything and everything. Just to make more cash. To them it was no more different or important on the consumer end than slapping a decal on a t-shirt. Little effort and less love was put into most of them. *cough*E.T.*cough*. DuckTales, however, changed that. 

dt nes gpThe game was, at first glance, just another side-scrolling platformer where you jumped on the heads of your enemies, went down tunnels and found secret rooms all the while collecting random floating objects and fighting boss characters. Okay…maybe that wasn’t just “first glance”, but somehow, someway, this game just felt different. The level design was fantastic, the animation and character sprites were well done. It was a step above almost everything else at the time. It was challenging without being annoying. There was a decent story to it. When you completed the game, you felt satisfied instead of frustrated.  Just an all-together enjoyable gaming experience.

Well, somebody must have finally remembered how good it really was because at PAXEast today, Capcom has announced that they’ve hired developer Wayforward, a company who’s shown a real good knack for making games in the traditional, “old-skool” 8/16-bit styles (they recently made the platform-RPG Adventure Time game which, though a tad repetitive at times, was really fun and true to the series), to do a HD remake of this classic title.

Check out the trailer!

The remastered DuckTales will include beautifully hand-drawn sprites, enhanced game-play, updated re-mixes of the original music, a “Duckberg Museum” to track your progress, and fleshed-out appearances by the series’ other characters and new levels (including a money-bin you can actually ((okay, virtually)) swim in!!). In a rather exciting bit of news, they’ve also gotten most of the ORIGINAL Voice Actors(!) from the cartoon series to come in and reprise their roles!

Here’s some images from Capcom:


So, what do you think?

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