Star Trek EXTREME!!

Star Trek Extreme
Can I have my Star Trek back, please?
Did Mountain Dew pay for this? I don’t like my Star Trek “extreme”.
Sorry for being a “Debbie downer” here, I just feel the need to get this off my chest.

I try my best to keep Nerd-Base on the positive end of the spectrum when it comes to our beloved geek-stuff. I really try not to complain. I think I do a decent job of trying to find the light in almost everything. Alas, I’m only human (mostly). I was disappointed in the last Trek and I was really hoping that with JJ off the helm of this and on a franchise he actually cares about, that maybe the studios would give back to the fans. Maybe they’d bring the magic of Star Trek back home. Alas, we’re living in a world where Superman movies are completely devoid of hope and joy, so perhaps I was asking for too much.

I never did find the good Doctor. Never got another one either. *sigh*

I never did find the good Doctor. Never got another one either. *sigh*

As someone who grew up with Trek, who’s earliest Christmas memories were about very excitedly receiving Star Trek: TMP toys (along with a really sweet Buck Rogers play set), and subsequently losing Bones after launching him into my Christmas tree, who’s first celebrity handshake that he was REALLY excited about was James Doohan (Oh man! The day I found out about his missing finger that changed everything!), who always found solace relaxing with a few episodes of TNG , who was the weirdo who really enjoyed Enterprise and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I could go on and on about what I love about Trek, how important it is to me, what it means to me, and I’m sure countless others, and I know my hemming and hawing about what it’s become will make no more difference in the future and/or direction the studios have made, but…I dunno, I just need to vent.

I’m not going to say this looks like a bad movie. It looks very fun and exciting. Like, oh I don’t know, every other fast paced action/sci-fi film out there. There’s nothing about this that says Star Trek to me. I really miss it. I miss the difference. Trek was always a different brand of science fiction than everything else out there. It just had a distinct feel to it. I mean, do the studios just not think the public is intelligent enough to enjoy a bit of cerebral entertainment? Does hard sci-fi not sell anymore? Actually, don’t answer that. Sadly, I’m sure I know the answer.
That’s it, more of an opinion piece here than anything. I just couldn’t share this trailer without going on a diatribe about it. I miss “my” Trek. But whatever, here’s the new movie trailer.
Justin Lin (of Fast and the Furious ((WHAT?! WHY!?)) is directing this new Star Trek film)
STAR TREK BEYOND stars Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zach Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban. In theaters July 22nd.
Oh, and I really think Karl Urban could have fought a lot harder to keep Almost Human going. Just sayin’.

One thought on “Star Trek EXTREME!!

  1. I like the trailer opening with music. It got my attention right away. I really enjoyed the character interplay. BUT I fear what’s happening with Abrams producing and a Fast and Furious director directing. Fast and Furious is a fun action technology thriller but at times you need to turn off the “physics check” in your brain to make the stunts work. (Take FF7 scene when Vin dives out of the car to save his GF. The ballistics arcs don’t match with what Vin did.)

    So I’m worried that adding Justin Lin takes us even further in a direction that will turn Trek into a “feel good” science fiction for the scientifically illiterate. I’m happy to be wrong and that they won’t let “what looks cool” trump “what’s technically feasible.” Otherwise we’ll just end up with Pirates of the Caribbean and we won’t even get the charms of Johnny Depp.

    I and some Trekkies put together an article about what Abrams has done with Trek and what we think he’ll do for Star Wars. We finish with a poll to see if Star Wars will be better served by the Abrams/Disney combo or not.

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