Can He Swing From A Thread? SPOILERS

fb_banner___captain_america__civil_war_by_whitefeatheredcrow-d8lme83……I can’t stop smiling.

I am more than thankful right now for the infamous Sony leaks that ultimately lead to them conceding to Marvel and lending them the rights to everyone’s favorite webhead. Regardless, I have been nervous as all heck since the announcement that Spider-Man would be in Captain America: Civil War.

I mean, first and foremost, if you’re a fan/reader of comics, you know that they are DRASTICALLY changing the Civil War storyline. Thus includes a drastic change to Spidey’s involvement in it. Also, a lot of his story in/with the Civil War arc was based on who he was and what he meant to the Marvel U as an established character. He was practically a lynchpin character in the event. Therefore, simply introducing him in a movie that is not his, without any real previous tales of his involvement thus in the Cinematic Marvel U, how was this going to work? Where they just going to use him as a moneygrab? Where are thy going to take him from here? Perhaps most importantly, how is he going to look?

At least one of those answers has finally come about an hour ago. The final Civil War trailer has released.
Spider-Man is in it. He. Looks. Awesome.

And what the heck? Why not watch the whole trailer?! IT’S AWESOME!!!

So, what do you think?

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