Hero Within: Geek Chic’s Next Level

Today is a special day.

My friend Tony, who is very well integrated in the nerd world (he hosts many panels all over the US, including San Diego Comic Con, and runs his own blog ‘Crazy4ComicCon‘), is bringing fashion and geekiness together with a line of nerdy clothing for men with a slight twist on what we’re used to.

I met Tony a few years ago through common fandoms and interests on social media, and officially at Philly Wizard World when he had reached out to me regarding panels he was set to host, and looking for knowledgeable nerds for panelists, and knew I had quite a few connections. Since then, he’s referred to me as his ‘Nick Fury’ if you will (Nicolette Fury?). I gather geek professionals for his Philly Wizard World panels, and it’s a blast.

What I’ve always noticed each year I saw Tony, even through pictures that he posts on his many con adventures, is that he is always dressed sharp, but of course in a very nerdy way. Subtle, but obvious. So, it was no surprise when he announced his geek fashion line for men on his blog (you can read his journey here).


Tony B. Kim’s many different geek looks over the years.

This isn’t just your average silk screened t-shirt or hoodie.

Hero Within brings sophistication, style, and professionalism blended with geekdom.

Have you ever wanted to express your geekiness at work, or at an event, but couldn’t wear your Superman shirt? Now there’s finally a way that you can geek out without getting in trouble by the boss, or your date at that fancy restaurant she wants to try.

Hero Within Batman

Whether it’s Superman, Batman, or another of your favorite DC Comics™ characters, Tony and his team at Hero Within uniquely integrate iconic symbols onto the construction of each garment, creating a subtle yet bold statement. A breath of fresh air that celebrates the heroism found in today’s modern geek.

“As fanboys, we’ve grown up settling for limited and boring nerd style- graphic tees and
hoodies. While our passion hasn’t changed, our fashion needs have. HERO WITHIN apparel was designed to be sophisticated while shamelessly embracing our geeky side. We hope everyday you can celebrate your hero within.”
-Tony B Kim, Founder and CEO

superhero-kids-day_1024x1024Wearing these amazing, geeky products will also make you a
super hero in another way as well, Hero Within Incorporated is committed to provide support and inspiration to foster youth of Orange County, CA. A percentage of Hero Within profits will go towards supporting these little heroes ranging from elementary age to teenagers.  By buying a Hero Within product, you will help get age appropriate and inspirational comic books into the hands of foster kids between 6-18 yrs of age. Read more about the Hero Within Cause here.

So, what are you waiting for!? The HeroWithinStore.com will be open exclusively for Pre-Orders from July 6th to July 31st, 2016. The store will officially open at a future date, and the entire collection will be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!


So, what do you think?

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