NYCC: Robot Chicken

     Many moons ago I came across a funny little stop-motion series called “Sweet J Presents”. A  funny little spot of stop-motion animated toys involved in skits that rode the edges of pop-culture, random acts of violence, and kindergarten level fart jokes. Well, Sweet J grew up (sort of) and built a robot. Then that robot was attached to a chicken. Then it went back to business as usual, albeit with a bigger budget with which to buy more toys. Robot Chicken is now a phenomena unto itself with massive DVD sales of their Star Wars specials, the upcoming release of the new DC Comics special they did, and the newly announced resurrection of the show for a seventh season!!  Continue reading

NYCC: Scribblenauts Unlimited hands on

When Scribblenauts first launched back in 2009 I was super excited by it.   So much so that I made a small video (Cthulhu Vs The Village People) with fellow Nerd-Base editor Dave Chosid showing off some of the off the wall retarded things you can do in the game.  Scribblenauts was a great idea, but after a few hours the game was boring because it wasn’t really a game.   Developers 5th Cell tried to follow-up with Super Scribblenauts turning it a bit more into a game, but it still fell a bit short for me.  I wasn’t really excited to get my hands on Scribblenauts Unlimited, but I should have been. Continue reading

NYCC PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hands on

One of the first things I did on Thursday after being let into the New York Comic Con was head straight to the videogames.  One of the first games I tried was “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”.  I was looking forward to giving the game a try for a while because of the “Super Smash Bros.” comparison.  Unfortunately this game is no “Super Smash Bros.”.

Continue reading

UPDATED: NYCC '12 news: "Age of Wushu" MMORPG

Now, thus far if you’ve followed the site, you’ll not guess me to be the video game guy, but having managed a certain major video game retail outlet for about 7 years, I can assure you, it’s a definite hobby. However, I’ve never really gotten myself hooked on any MMO’s. I’ve tried WoW, Star Wars, City of Heroes, D&D….they were all good, they just weren’t for me. I was contacted by Snail Games to come check out their new entry into the fold at NYCC, Age of Wushu, and I think I finally found my fix.  Continue reading