My Top Five for NYCC 2013

NB NYCC 2013 bannerI’m in full on New York Comic Con recovery mode.  Thank God that today is Columbus Day and I don’t have to go to work because my body wouldn’t be able to take it.  My pedometer tells me I walked about 38 miles over the previous 4 days, and I can feel it, but damn it was worth it!   For those that couldn’t make it to comic con, I’ve put together a list of the best things that happened at NYCC for me this year, in no particular order.



This is the first year FX brought Archer to NYCC.  They brought all of the major voice actors with the exception of Chris Parnell (Cyril).  The panel was originally slated to only have the cast and a few clips from the upcoming season, but at the last minute the show’s director, Adam Reed, decided to show the entire first episode of Season 5.  I was already psyched just to be at the panel to see the cast, but getting to watch the season opener was well beyond my expectations.  Without spoiling anything, I’ll say that it looks like the show is going to take a completely different direction this season, and I’m 100% sold!    Once the cast was on stage most of them were hilarious.  I was expecting Aisha Tyler (Lana) to be funny, because she’s been doing stand-up comedy for a long time, but Lucky Yates (Krieger) really stole the show.  Lucky at the panel seemed like a real life version of Krieger.

If you don’t live near NY, or San Diego for major conventions, and you want to see the cast live, don’t fret.  The cast occasionally does a tour called Archer Live where they go to different cities across America and perform.  Based on some of Aisha Tyler’s comments, it sounds like booze fueled insanity. The next time they are in NYC I’m going to try to see them again.  The new season of Archer starts in January of 2014.


oldboy smaller

Oldboy has some gender bending with the bodyguard roll changed to a female.

I’m a giant fan of the original film, and I’ve been a bit hesitant about the new movie, but this panel laid all of that to rest.  Now I’m all in, and I can’t wait for the release on November 27th.  The Oldboy panel had Mark Protosevich (writer), Michael Imperioli (Best friend Chucky) and Pom Klementieff (bodyguard Haeng-Bok).  One of the big fears a lot of people had, was about them making the movie as gritty and crazy as the original.  One of the scenes they showed us, was their take on what Odesu does to the warden when he finally gets a hold of him.  I think this version creeped me out more than the original!

One of the questions that was asked in different ways by several panel attendee’s was “Why bother remaking a great movie?”.  I liked the writer’s answer which was that it’s like a band covering a song.  They want to take the original great song, and put their own spin on it, and make it a little different.  He understands the fans skepticism about the movie, because when the project was originally discussed many years ago before he became involved, his first reaction was “awww really?” While he wouldn’t go into great detail on everything that he’s changing, he did tell us that he wanted Josh Brolin’s character (Joe Doucett) to be held captive for a longer period of time which will make more sense once we see the movie.  He didn’t want to go into any other changes, as they would spoil the movie for us when it gets released next month.

Dark Matter mini planetarium

The American Museum of Natural History brought a mini planetarium to promote their new show at the Hayden Planetarium starting on November 2nd, called Dark Matter.  The mini planetarium held about 30 people per show, which only lasted 4 minutes, but it was a blast.  Once inside they asked people to sit down, look up and enjoy.  This was definitely the number one thing I did on Thursday at that con.   It felt like I was transported into outer space without spending a dime.  I’m definitely going try hit the show at the Hayden to try out the real thing.

NYCC Cosplay Bash

At the end of Thursday there was an after con party celebrating the launch of the game Hello Hero.  Hello Hero is a fast paced, free to play, action RPG game coming to iOS, Android, and Facebook.  If you came in cosplay you could attend the party for free.  At the party they had several large screens showcasing their game running on iPad’s.  The game itself looked interesting enough to check out once it’s officially available.  The game developers brought in a few cosplayers of their own, from their game.  One of the cosplay highlights of the night was their dancing cactus character.   Aside from the game, there were some really nice people we met from various blog sites, and other random people that were pleasant to talk to.  We also ran into one guy that basically claimed to be God after drinking a bit too much, but even that was still an interesting conversation.  We are working on an article now including our interview with the creators for Hello Hero.



There were some inventive cosplayers this year.   One of my favorites was a giant robot that was probably a solid 10 feet in size walking around during the Venture Bros, and Robot Chicken panels.  I wish I could have later found and interviewed him about his costume, and the work that went into it.  Aside from some great individual cosplay, there were some great group cosplayers as well, like the ones featured above.  We will hopefully have our full cosplay coverage up for you in the very near future.

Honorable Mention

The Venture Bros. panel was fun as per usual.  Unfortunately they told us that the new season of Venture Bros. won’t be coming until 2015 which is a really long time to wait.  One of the best parts of the panel was Doc Hammer getting off stage to dance with a random fan to Grease Lightning.

Another great panel that I’m going to go more in detail with in a future article was for King of the Nerds season 2.   They addressed some of the major issues and concerns that the fans had with the show, and I can’t wait for the new season to begin next January.

So, what do you think?

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