Do You Believe in Miracles?

As a life sized cardboard cut out of Castiel stares at me, I figured I would talk about the anticipated season finale of Supernatural.

Per usual, there will be SPOILERS here, so if you haven’t seen the finale yet, I would not scroll any further. You were warned…

With the confirmation that Misha Collins would be a regular as Cas for season 10, my nervousness for this finale seemed to lessen. Not that I don’t give a damn about the other characters, but if you know me, you know that I would probably boycott Supernatural if they killed him off. However, seeing interviews from the CW UpFronts, it was clear something major would happen that even the cast members were shocked about.

As ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ began, my heart sank. As much as I love hearing it, I hate it at the same time. It’s exciting to know that the finale will more than likely be an amazing episode, but it also means a hiatus until the fall. In the episode before the finale, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Dean attempts to kill Gadreel with the first blade. Both Sam and Castiel can see there’s something clearly wrong with Dean ever since he got the mark of Cain. Dean is out for blood, and we find out that killing makes him stronger and feel better, and the longer he goes without killing, the weaker and sicker he gets.
deancainThe villain this season is Metatron–sorry, I mean, “God”. He has it out big time for Cas and the Winchesters, and essentially wants every angel and human to worship him and follow his every demand. When Cas played “God”, he was blunt, unforgiving to those who betrayed him or were bad people, but he was also filled with Leviathan and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly. Metatron on the other hand has his wits about him and has been very manipulative from the beginning. He enjoys playing the victim.

Anyways, back to Gadreel. Thankfully, he managed to survive the gash made by a rage-filled Dean. I say thankfully because, I like Gadreel. I had a strong inkling from when he first possessed Sam’s body that he wasn’t exactly a ‘good’ guy, mostly because he didn’t want Cas to find out he was alive. However, I believe Gadreel genuinely thought he was doing the right thing – he’s just a bit naive and had the wrong mentor. I took to him, especially in this finale because it’s clear he is sorry for his actions and just wants to help out and fix his mistakes.

“But he killed Kevin!” you might say, and yes, that is very upsetting, but don’t forget Castiel almost killed Dean, one of his best friends, over an order from Heaven. Not to mention Cas killed an innocent Nephilim (the offspring of a human and an angel), and Samandriel. Gadreel made an honest mistake in choosing the wrong team, and I’m glad he was finally able to realize it. Speaking of, Castiel has a stolen grace, meaning a grace that isn’t specifically his, doesn’t last in his body. Once the grace runs out, he dies, and the more he heals others, the weaker he gets. He had no hesitations on using his healing powers on his brother, Gadreel, although Gadreel knew what it would do to Cas and pleaded him not to use it on him. Again, which made me like Gadreel even more.

This brings us to the first of some of the major moments in this finale:

1. Gadreel’s Sacrifice
OF COURSE a character that I’m really starting to like gets killed off. However, he went a noble way. He knew that no matter what words both himself and Castiel tried to tell Hannah (one of Metatron’s angel followers) that they wouldn’t listen or believe them. He carved into his chest, gave a speech about heaven, and stabbed himself. All so Castiel can make things right in heaven and rip down Metatron from his God complex.

2. Dean’s Death

marvDean fights Metatron alone with the first blade. Not being aware of how strong Metatron is now, especially since he has the Angel Tablet working in his favor. This was definitely a shocker for me. Metatron stabbed Dean when he was reaching for the first blade, and it was heartbreaking to see Shammy getting there just a few seconds too late. However, being that Supernatural is picked up for a 10th season, and it wouldn’t…couldn’t be Supernatural without both Winchesters, I knew Dean would be back somehow.. I just didn’t know how just yet. Which brings us to…

3. Demon Dean.. or as I say ‘Deanmon’

deanmonDefinitely a major shocker, especially for the Supernatural Fandom. The man who dedicated his entire life to fighting demons becomes one of them. I had actually forgot back to season 3 when Dean was in hell, and there was a demonized version of Dean telling him that this is what he would become. I found this information via tumblr…the fans are on it!
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.41.12 PMI highly doubt this is what the writers have been planning this entire time, not knowing Supernatural would go on for this long, but it was neat how it is connected. Also, I do like how Crowley seems to genuinely care about Dean. He may be the King of Hell, but he admitted, and I believe him, that he didn’t want this for Dean. I know fans, especially Dean fans FREAKED out at the moment Dean opened his eyes to show jet black eye balls. I’m actually a bit excited to see where this takes us next season. As much as I enjoyed this season, I’m very much over the whole Angel dilemma… I was sort of hoping that would be wrapped up completely.

On a positive major point though:

4. Castiel Outing Metatron
As smart and manipulative as Metatron is, Castiel was able to get one past him. Perhaps he learned a few tricks from this newfound abundance of pop culture movies, but he was able to get Metatron to admit how he was fooling all of the angels and didn’t have a care in the world. Castiel had Metatron’s Angel Radio turned on, allowing every angel on earth to listen to just how evil and manipulative their so called God was. The one thing I didn’t get was, why they didn’t just kill Metatron right then and there. Instead they put him in heaven’s jail… giving the opportunity for him to somehow manage to escape.

I hate that I actually like Metatron. Everything about him makes me want to hate him, but he’s a pretty good villain, and funny too (at least to me). However, I really hope they don’t make him the villain again next season. It’s time to move on! I’m guessing Dean might take that place… it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Dean remembers who he used to be, and try to do good, or if he’ll just go all psycho Deanmon.
jailAnother thing that breaks my heart is the fact that Castiel thinks that Dean, whom he considers his family, is dead. I don’t know if him being a demon makes it any better than being dead, but I’m quite sure Cas will be beating himself up for not being able to save him. To me, Sam, Dean and Cas are all brothers. Although Cas has hundreds and thousands of actual brothers and sisters, it’s clear that Sam and Dean he considers to be his real brothers. It’s going to be so upsetting to see Castiel being depressed about it next season, that is if he doesn’t find out about Dean’s new ‘life’.

So, does this mean that Castiel is once again their new “God”? Again, I’m very much okay with the idea of Cas being “God”, just as long as he doesn’t go crazy like he did at the end of season 6. Thankfully, no Leviathans are present.
sandboxAll in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the season 9 finale of Supernatural, and am so excited to see what’s to come in season 10! The writers definitely blew our minds and went in a direction not many saw coming. Admittedly, I was hoping it would wrap around back to season 1 and have the brothers (perhaps with Cas) going town to town and fighting evil again. However, I have faith we’ll be in for a ride with season 10! The only upsetting thought I have is, the next new episode that I will see won’t be until I’m getting ready to go to NYCC in October!

So, what do you think?

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