Beauty: The STD You Want

Modern society is obsessed with outward beauty. What if there was a way to guarantee you could become more and more beautiful every day? What if it was a sexually transmitted disease? In the world of The Beauty, physical perfection is only one sexual encounter away.

I am in love with “Beauty” by Jeremy Haun. My local comic book shop even knows me by name now because I can no longer wait months for the next trade paperback.

TheBeauty_01-1The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Also, the story is intriguing. The stories center around a new STD known as “The Beauty” – a STD everyone actually wants.

When you go unprotected with someone with the disease,  the next morning you wake up absolutely gorgeous. Your fat burns off, you look more youthful, your skin clears up … let’s just say: you’re drop dead model gorgeous. You do run a bit of a fever but you have a higher metabolism so on top of looking incredible, you can eat whatever you want to. That alone makes me even want to get this.

But within a few pages of the first issue, you realize there is a big drawback to this disease – one that many don’t know about.

Volume 1 includes issues 1 – 6 and focuses on Detectives Vaugh and Foster as they begin to find out the cost of Beauty and how deep the cover up is revolving the disease.

Volume 2 includes issues 7 – 11 and takes on a new cast and story. We see how Beauty is used by the criminal world.

TheBeauty_12-1I thought Volume 1 was a million times better than Volume 2. Though, it was interesting that in Volume 2, I did love that they had the main character being a transgender minority woman. Good for them! I was shocked because I did not know that the trades would jump around different story arcs but now I know. So don’t get too attached to Vaugh and Foster though Haun has said you will recognize characters as the issues unfold.

Issue 12 pulled me right back in however as we are introduced to a new cast. The issue opens with a woman very upset at her one night stand with her date. Turns out, he is just a regular, good looking guy and does not have the Beauty STD. She storms out upset that she as not transformed the next day and doesn’t have the STD. (How the world has changed!)

I really look forward to this new arc and cannot wait to keep reading it! Anyone else reading this comic also? Let’s chat! Comment below!


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